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2018 Sessions

Below, please find the detailed information for each of the educational breakout sessions. Click on the hour in which you would like to find more information.

Hour 1: Wednesday, April 25th - 9:00am
#101 - The Next Downturn May Be on the Horizon - How are you Preparing For it?
  • Considering where we are in the cycle, as a Sponsor, how are you looking at new opportunities in terms of risk profile, asset class and capital structure? How are you positioning your balance sheet-liquidity, leverage, debt maturities, etc.? Are you a net seller? Are you taking a longer view, anticipating a mild correction?
  • As active investors, how are you approaching 2018 and 2019, anticipating some degree of correction in the market. What returns are you targeting? What asset classes are in favor/disfavor? Are you staying within primary markets or open to secondary/tertiary markets? Are you changing your typical structure in response to being late in the cycle?
  • How are regulated lenders reacting to the elongated cycle we are in? What are Banks doing structurally to reduce risk? Which asset classes are you concerned about? What is your strategy to mitigate exposure to the down cycle? How is the regulatory environment in regards to CRE exposure and lending?
  • As a private lender, are you seeing more opportunities as the Banks pull back? Are you adjusting your underwriting in anticipation of a downturn? Do you view this as an opportunity to take more market share? Are there particular asset classes or geographies that you favor?
Moderator: Thomas Farrell, Director of Business Development - Landmark Capital Advisors
Michael Singh, Executive Vice President - A10 Capital
Matthew A. Doerr, Vice President - Buchanan Street Partners
William A. Shopoff, President & CEO - Shopoff Realty Investments, L.P.
Eric S. Boyd, Principal - CrossHarbor Capital Partners
Hour 2: Wednesday, April 25th - 10:45am
#201 - Multifamily Investing/Lending - How to Buy Right, Finance Appropriately and Stay Ahead in an Ever-Changing Multifamily World
  • Investing: Are there any good deals left? How to make deals work in a competitive environment and how will rent control impact deals moving foward?
  • Financing: Institutional groups vs. Private groups. First mortgages, preferred equity and other creative financing solutions
  • How to adopt new technologies in order to stay ahead and compete with new players like AirBnB and Amazon. What will today's multifamily real estate companies look like in 10 years and is experiential multifamily here to stay?
Moderator: Noah Miller, Vice President of Acquisitions & Finance - Pensam Residential
Mary Ann King, Co-Chairman - Moran & Company
Matthew A. Romney, Managing Director - Sundance Bay
Allan Freedman, Managing Director - Berkadia
Barry S. Altshuler, Executive Vice President - Equity Residential
#202 - Family Office Investments: Look Out Institutionals, There is a New Kid on the Block!
  • How family offices work (their underpinnings and typical structure of hierarchy)
  • How family offices are beginning to be a heavy weight in the real estate world and a valued alternative to the institutional player often playing the equity slug given the retraction by lenders who are less willing to lend in that 70%-75% space
    • Specific focus on why they are often the vehicles that the popularity of joint ventures
  • Typical trend lines that family offices exercise when they invest (asset classes favored, coupon clippers vs. private equity plays, etc.)
  • Discussion on key management decisions that family offices who play as LPs typically have to accept, as well as typical returns
Moderator: Marc S. Shuster, Partner - Berger Singerman
Sam Linsky, Director and President - RFLP Group
Eliot Saeedi, Acquisitions - Angelo Gordon
Timo Kipp - Whalou Properties
Hour 3: Wednesday, April 25th - 12:00pm
#301 -  2018 Housing Update and Forecast
  • Housing Update and Forecast - What this Means for the Future Market and 2018 and Beyond
  • Understand the "price wave" - the familiar pattern of home price appreciate cycle. Is there a 'bubble' in real estate prices? How large? Will it get larger?
  • Gain insight into today's hot submarkets (all around the country), but also in the "next wave" submarkets.
  • Recognize the key factors that need to be considered when buying lots and land.
Co-Presenter: Mark Boud, Senior Vice President & Chief Economist - Metrostudy and Principal - Real Estate Economics
Co-Presenter: Jonathan Dienhart, Director of Custom Services and Published Research - Metrostudy

#302 Update and Outlook on Small Balance Lending
  • Benefits of small balance lending
  • How participants can enjoy cost benefits, lower interest rates and flexibility
  • How this form of financing is bolstering the market
Moderator: Jaclyn B. Gerson, Lawyer - Gerson Law Firm
Mark Besharaty, Director - Hunt Mortgage Group
Christine Pratt, Western Regional Production Manager - Freddie Mac
Adam Karrer, Managing Director - MUFG Union Bank
Hour 4: Wednesday, April 25th - 2:00pm
#401 - Bridge Lending/Investing Update for 2018 and Beyond
  • Bridge lending/investing: market trends and facts
  • Types of bridge loans available today
  • Types of properties lenders are financing
  • Case studies 
Moderator: Brett D. Forman, Chief Executive Officer - Trez Forman Capital
Mark Bahiri, Managing Partner - Emerald Creek Capital
Don Pelgrim, Chief Executive Officer - Wilshire Finance Partners, Inc.
David A. Cohen, Managing Director - Ready Capital Structured Finance
James P. Kousoulas, Partner - Bryan Cave LLP

#402 - An Overview of Southern California Commercial Real Estate Markets and Construction Lending
  • What SoCal real estate sectors are performing well: office, residential, hotels, etc.
  • What areas/markets are performing well: Los Angeles, Orange Country, The Valley, etc.
  • What sectors/areas are lenders making construction loans on?
  • What construction mezzanine loans have been funded recently on Southern California projects?
Moderator: Bob Sonnenblick, Chairman - Sonnenblick Development LLC
Jeffrey Forsythe, Vice President and CRE Loan Officer - Torrey Pines Bank
John Santry, Executive Vice President of Acquisitions and ​Development - Shopoff
     Realty Investments, L.P.
Paul S. Rahimian, Chief Executive Officer - Parkview Financial
Michael Fleischer, Senior Vice President - Related Fund Management
Hour 5: Wednesday, April 25th - 3:15pm
#501 - How to Invest Successfully in Secondary Markets
  • Why capital is flowing out of the core markets and where the capital is going
  • How secondary market investors have changed and who today's investors are and why
  • What to watch out for when investing in tertiary/secondary markets and what are the pitfalls
  • Where the hottest secondary markets are on the west coast and why
Moderator: Robin C. Kane, Senior Vice President - The Mogharebi Group
Allan Freedman, Managing Director - Berkadia
James Singleton, Vice President – Acquisitions - The Bascom Group, LLC
Paul Fiorilla, Associate Research Director - Yardi Systems

#502 - Private Lending: Filling in the Gap
  • Cannabis Lending: Private lenders are filling in the gap which depository institutions will not touch
  • Underperforming or Unstable Assets: Understand how to evaluate and lend on these assets
  • Speed of Execution: Understanding how to build out your processes to compete in a marketplace where moving quickly is everything, including learning how private lenders have created their own loan origination software
  • Yield Compression: Why private lenders are relying on the secondary market to reduce their cost of funds as they have experienced yields get reduced from 12% down to 8% throughout the country
Moderator: Nema Daghbandan, Partner - Geraci LLP
Noah Streit, President - Streit Lending
Will Nelson, Senior Vice President of Lending - Columbia Pacific Advisors
Gary Bechtel, President - Money360
Scott Taylor, Managing Director - Partners Capital Solutions



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